In the previous post on 5 Key Elements of Entrepreneurial Success, one important key is allowing your passions, along with your skills, knowledge and experiences to drive you to success. It’s easier said than done, and for many, the problem even starts from not knowing what one is passionate about in life. Or perhaps the opposite of it, that is, being so passionate about so many different things that it becomes so challenging to stay focused.

To address this matter, e3dis held a workshop on Overcoming the Challenges of Following Your Passions in Life, which started off with a reflection on knowing what one is really passionate about. The following are the top 10 key questions used during the workshop to guide participants in understanding what they really want to do in life, what makes them tick, and what can bring out the best in them- and it’s also a guide you can use for your own personal reflection when having troubles understanding more about yourself.

1. What activities do you enjoy the most when you’re a child?
2. What do you find easy to do?
3. What are you willing to do for free?
4. What puts a smile on your face?
5. What brings out the best in you?
6. What do you enjoy talking about?
7. What motivate you to get up in the morning?
8. What would you regret not having tried?
9. What makes you unafraid of failure?
10. Who are the people you admire, and what do you admire most about them?

Mapping out your answers to the above-mentioned questions can help you identify what you are most and least passionate about. It’s an exercise of searching your inner self and being reminded of who you really, what you are naturally good at, and what you are capable of doing at its very best. As you start to see a pattern of the values, ideals, interests or things that you are most passionate about, align those with your acquired skills and knowledge as well as your experiences for you to successfully get to where you want to be now or in the near future. As to answer the question on why would your passions lead you to success, simply because when life’s difficult times block you on your way towards your dream, goals, and aspirations in life, it’s those that you love doing that keeps you going no matter what.