A majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas, and educational assistance remains one of the major areas of intervention to help alleviate poverty. Hence, e3dis partnered with the Youth, Adults, and Professionals Aiding Cordilleran Kids (YAPACK), a volunteer-based organization that reaches out to less fortunate pupils in far-flung areas in one of the regions in the Philippines. YAPACK collects and distribute donated or sponsored educational materials, clothing, footwear, and toys, among others, for pupils with limited access to these.  On the 19th of February 2014, e3dis took its first steps in its philanthropic journey by joining the YAPACK team and sponsoring more than 100 pairs of slippers for the pupils at Pongayan Barrio Elementary School.


“Getting involved in charity works like this especially in the education sector is a good start for e3dis in fulfilling its social responsibility,” says e3dis founder Myra Colis. “Moving forward, e3dis will continue to allocate part of the proceeds from trainings/events held in the Netherlands for philanthropic works such as this. Thus, our special thanks go to all the participants of the workshops that we have organized so far and to future attendees ofupcoming events as well.”