e3dis accepts research assignments from business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises who are keen to understanding the WHYs and WHAT’s NEXTs in their respective businesses. We offer action-oriented market research to help them turn those assumptions and guesstimations into facts and insights, which are fundamental in making sound and better decisions for any business initiative.



Done-For-You Research

In coordination with you, e3dis does all the data gathering, analysis and report writing to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Your Options

ConsumerMetriX | MarketAnalytiX | IndustryXplorer

Our Data Gathering Approaches

Events | Focus Groups | Personal Interviews | Surveys | Phone Calls

DFY Advantages

Data gathering, analysis and report writing all done for you

Saves you a lot of time to do other important things for your business

Result-oriented | Practical | Customized | Specific


One-hour free consultation for your research needs



Do-It-Yourself Consulting

Proper market research requires skills and know-how, and that’s something we can share with you if you opt to conduct your own research activities.

Tips & Insights On

Defining objectives, problem or need

Identifying the right research approach

Data collection and processing

Analysis of results

Your next steps moving forward

DIY Advantages

Direct learning experience for you

Less costly than DFY research


One-hour free consulting to identify your research needs


What's in it for you?

We can help you find answers to and through the following...
  • Consumer demographics (i.e. age, gender, family size, income, education, race, etc.)
  • Psychographics (consumer expectations, beliefs, interests, lifestyle trends, etc.)
  • Pricing (How much are your target customers willing to pay for your offerings?)
  • What customer needs are you addressing with your products/services?
  • What value proposition do you have for your target customers?
  • How big is the market for you? What opportunities for growth are there for your business?
  • Competition: How is your competition like? What does your competition offer? How can you make your offerings different from theirs? What segment of the market are your competitors trying to reach? And what is the price point that your competitors are selling?
  • What sales and marketing strategies are currently in effective use? Can these strategies apply in your case?
  • Who are the vendors that you need to rely on?
  • Regulatory landscape: What current government policies are there that can have an effect on your business?
  • Industry environment: What political, legal, economic, social and cultural issues/ trends are there that can affect your business
  • Benchmarks: How do you compare with the bests in your industry or best practices by other companies in terms of quality, time and costs?
  • Market trends and opportunities
  • Where can you position yourself as an expert in your industry?

We'd like to help you find answers